I just started shooting on the Panasonic PX270, and this puppy has all of the latest features. 

Wifi, USB 3.0, MicroP2, AVC Intra…

Oh yeah, and it shoots video too. 

One thing that is missing is Bluetooth connectivity. Now, I know what you’re thinking–  why bother with that on a professional camera?
Three words folks: wireless audio monitoring. 

I’m tired of getting tangled in a mess of wires when I want to be fast and nimble with my camera. I want to be able to check a light or peek at my cutaway camera and still make sure my lav mic hasn’t kicked the bucket. 

So I’m trying this-


Altogether it’s about $50 worth of gear. 

A set of Bluetooth earbuds and a mini plug to Bluetooth audio transmitter. The PX270 has both a headphone jack and an audio line out, so I’ve dedicated the line out to the Bluetooth transmitter. A little strip of Velcro helps keep the transmitter out of the way. Oh, and by the way, the thing is absolutely tiny

I need to do more experimenting. It’s a work in progress. One downside is battery capacity. These suckers should last for 5-6 hours on a full charge. Not great if your shooting a City council hearing all day, but usually enough for most standard shoots. I always keep a spare set of standards wires earbuds in my bag, so worst case I can use those as a backup. 

There’s also about a half second delay. I’m going to test it out in the field to see if the lag is a deal breaker.